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ICHTHYOLUM (Ichthyolum; synonym: Bitaminolum, Bithiolum, Ischtham, Ichthyolammonium, Ichthyopan, Ichthyosulfol, Isarol) — antiseptic agent. Receive from so-called Ichthyol oil — a product of dry distillation of the oil bituminous shales containing the remains of fossil fishes. And. is ammonium salt of sulfonic acids of shale oil (Ammonium sulfol-ichthyolum). Various aromatic, hydroaromatic and containing sulfur connections, including heterocyclic thiophene and its homologs are its part.

And. — almost black, in a thin coat brown, siropoobrazny liquid with a peculiar pungent smell and taste. Let's dissolve in water, glycerin, partially in alcohol and ether. Water solutions I. at agitation strongly foam. And. it is incompatible in solutions with iodide salts, alkaloids and salts of heavy metals.

Action And. it is caused by generally thiofoehn derivatives. Drug causes also antiinflammatory and mestnoanesteziruyushchy action.

Apply And. outwardly at diseases of skin (burns, an erysipelatous inflammation, eczema), neuralgia, arthritises, etc. in the form of 5 — 30% of ointment or 10 — 30% of an aqueous-alcoholic lotion. At inflammatory diseases of bodies of a small pelvis (a metritis, a parametritis, a salpingitis, prostatitis) appoint Ichthyol candles or tampons, the moistened 10% solution I. in glycerin. And. is a part of ready dosage forms: ikhtiolo-tsinko-naftalannoy pastes (Pasta Zinci-naphthalani-ichthyolata) containing 25 parts of zinc oxide, 10 parts of Ichthyolum, 40 parts of naftalanny ointment, 25 parts of starch; Unguentum Ichthyoli (Unguentum Ichthyoli); Ichthyol candles (Suppositoria Ichthyoli) containing 0,2 g And.

See also Antiseptic agents .

L. A. Serebryakov.