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SIGERIST, Zigerist Henry (Siegerist Henry Ernest, 1891 — 1957) — the Swiss historian of medicine.

SIGERIST, Zigerist Henry

Got arts education in high fur boots of Zurich, London and Munich, and medical in Zurich un-those (1917). The privatdozent (1921 — 1923), professor of history of medicine (1924) in Zurich. Since 1925 professor and the director Ying-that stories of medicine in Leipzig, since 1931 worked in Un-te Jones Hopkins (Baltimore, the USA). In 1947 returned to Switzerland where was engaged in research.

G. Sigerist author of St. 400 works, including more than 25 monographs. Its capital works and annual lecture America, Europe and Africa tours promoted formation of history of medicine as independent scientific and university discipline in many countries. Progressive views are characteristic of G. Sigerist. He studied works of classics of Marxism-Leninism and urged to use them for an explanation of social and economic processes in life of society; supported studying of history of medicine in all its social, economic, organizational and philosophical aspects, criticized a health system of the USA, considering that for a successful competition to the Soviet medicine she needs to carry out big social transformations. It upheld opinion that the barrier between preventive and medical medicine shall be in the future destroyed, the medicine shall become public business, and health of the people — business of the people.

G. Sigerist studied and actively propagandized achievements of the Soviet health care for what learned Russian and three times (in 1935, 1936 and 1938) came to the USSR; he took active part in work American-Soviet medical about-va, edited its magazine «American review of Soviet medicine». It published 2 books about medicine and health care in the USSR. In 1933 it based and till 1947 edited «Bulletin of the history of medicine». G. Sigerist was the full and honorary member of many national and international organizations of historians of medicine.

Works: Grosse Arzte, Miinchen, 1932, 1959: American medicine, N. Y., 1934; Socialized medicine in the Soviet Union, N. Y., 1937; Civilization and disease, N. Y., 1944; Medicine and health in the Soviet Union, N. Y., 1947; A history of medicine, v. 1—2, N. Y., 1951 — 1961; Henry E. Sigerist on the sociology of medicine, ed. by I. M. Roe-mer, N. Y., 1960.

Bibliography: Lisitsyn Yu. P. and Vengrova I. V. Pamyati G. E. Zee-gerista, Owls. medical, No. 12, page 144, 1957; Ternovsky V. N. E. Sigerist's henry is a historian of medicine, Owls. sensible okhr., L 4, page 77, 1964; Thom A. and. To and of Kommersant e To. - N of Henry Ernest Sigerist (1891 — 1957), Lpz., 1981.

I. V. Vengrova.