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Henri's YUSHAR (Huehard Henri, 1844 — 1910) — the French therapist, one of founders of cardiology in France, the member of National academy of medicine (1896).

Got a medical education in Paris; doctor of medicine (1872). Bisha and Necker worked in hospitals.

A. Yushar's works are devoted to various problems of internal medicine. It belongs to those prominent European clinical physicians whose activity defined turn to a functionalism in medical thinking. At a boundary of 19 and 20 centuries A. Yushar wrote: «The medicine is

nothing else as physiology of a disease, the patient and medicine», emphasized value of a functional condition of a muscle of heart and vessels, to-rye considered as «big peripheral heart». It described the form of neurocirculatory frustration known under the name «pulsing neurasthenia». The arterial hypertension, on Yushara, is not a consequence of arteriosclerosis, and reversible patol. the state preceding it (a so-called presclerosis). This point of view gained development in works of a number of cardiologists, including A. L. Myasni-kova, etc. A. Yushar's works on a problem of stenocardia are classical (1883 — 1899). He developed the concept of a pathogeny of this disease, according to a cut the ischemia of a myocardium caused by organic or functional narrowing of coronary arteries is the cornerstone of a syndrome. He described the reflex «cold» stenocardia atypical «pseudo-gastralgicheskuyu» a form of a disease, noted emergence of attacks of stenocardia at defeat of cervicothoracic departments of a backbone. A. Yushar possesses the description of an embryocardia at acute myocarditis; the erased forms of syncopal attacks at a full cross heart block (see Morganji — Adams — Stokes a syndrome); aphonic mitral stenosis, to-ry becomes heard at improvement of sokratitelny ability of a myocardium; phenomenon of «mitralization» of aortal defect. He specified indications to treatment by a foxglove, noted positive value of its cumulation, considered it as «means without which therapy of cardiac diseases could not exist».

A. Yushar's role in establishment of contacts between the Russian and French therapists is considerable. In 1888 at the head of group of fr. doctors he visited Russia, got acquainted with the leading clinics of St. Petersburg and Moscow, then for a number of years conducted friendly correspondence with G. A. Zakharyin; in introduction to fr. transfer of his clinical lectures A. Yushar gave appreciation to the Russian medical science. An exit in Russian of the guide of A. Yushar «Heart troubles and their treatment» (1910) promoted distribution of functional approach to problems of pathology among domestic doctors.

And. Yushar based (1896) and edited «The magazine of applied medicine», was the honorary president Medicochirurgical

about-va, the secretary general of the commission for the climatic and balneological resorts of France.

Works: Les cardiopathies art6rielles et leur curability P, 1886; Lecons de th6rapeuti-que et de clinique m6aicates de l’hdpital Bichat, P., 1892; Traits clinique des maladies du coeur et de l’aorte, t. 1—3, P., 1899 — 1905; Consultations of m£dicales, P., 1903.

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