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HUMIN SUBSTANCES (Latin humus the soil) — group of the substances of the specific nature which are formed in the soil of the died-off vegetable and animal organisms as a result of biological and biochemical turning into conditions of limited access of air. Formation of T. occurs in two phases century: decomposition by microbes not resistant in biochemical, the relation of an organic residues before simpler connections and synthesis difficult, followed by process of condensation and polymerization of mother compounds. Represent system of high-molecular compounds of various structure with existence in a kernel of benzene rings, and also carboxyl, aldehydic, spirit groups and double bonds. Their main component are krenovy, ulmic and humic to - you. A significant amount contains in waters of peat and marshy areas. Brown color of water of peat lakes depends on property to give colloid solutions. The low pH values which are found in bog waters are explained by existence in them in the dissolved state humic to - t and their acid salts. In the subsoil waters adjoining to peat or brown-coal layers at a lack of oxygen promote its allocation from the nitrates and nitrites dissolved in water, turning them into ammonia. In this case the content in water even of significant amounts of ammonia cannot be considered as adverse in a gigabyte. relation sign. Are capable to recover sulfates to sulfides, than, apparently, it is possible to explain the smell of hydrogen sulfide which is often found in bog waters. The waters containing a large number have high oxidability. Exert impact on processes of disinfecting and coagulation of water. Owing to an advanced surface and existence of numerous active groups are good adsorbents.

It is established that soils with high content, napr, the chernozem, occlude radioisotopes from group of cleavage products of heavy-nuclei more stoutly: strontium ( 90 Sr), caesium ( 137 Cs), ruthenium ( 106 Ru), cerium ( 144 Ce), zirconium ( 95 Z), etc. In the vegetables cooked in the water rich falloff of quantity ascorbic to - you is observed.

See also Water , Soil .

V. A. Arkayev.