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HOUSE-NURSING HOME (old name Nursing home) — special public institution for accommodation of the aged citizens and disabled people deprived of an opportunity to live in a family and needing the constant help. Besides, there are D. - and. for mentally retarded children, for children with physical. shortcomings, for blind and deaf-and-dumb children, and also psychoneurological nursing homes for patients with nek-ry persistent mental diseases.

In 1919 in the middle of civil war, in the conditions of hunger, epidemics and other difficulties of wartime, the foundation of the organization of network of institutions for service of disabled people and aged was laid.

At the beginning of the 60th in connection with significant increase in number of elderly people the network D. began to develop quickly - and. for aged and disabled people.

In the country in 1957 there were St. 900 D. - and. more than on 120 thousand places, and by the end of 1975 their number increased till 1505 on 337,9 thousand places. Only in RSFSR for January 1, 1977 there were 878 D. - and. on 224,7 thousand places.

- and. the USSR contains at the expense of the state and are under authority of the bodies of social security which are carrying out social service aged and disabled people. During the room in D. - and. for aged and disabled people 10% of pension remain.

Medical service in each D. - and. it will be organized according to a profile D. - and. and contingent of living. Aged and to disabled people in D. - and. there is a specialized medical aid, medical examination, quarterly routine maintenance with involvement in case of need of doctors of all specialties is performed. In D. - and. are carried out a dignity. - a gigabyte. and protivoepid, actions, labor therapy will be organized. In D. - and. also various cultural events are held.

On January 9, 1969 the resolution of Council of ministers of RSFSR on paid boarding house for aged citizens is accepted. The purpose of creation of such boarding houses — enabling of temporary or constant stay in them of elderly people at will.

For January 1, 1977 in the USSR three such establishments (Moscow, Zaporizhia, Tashkent) and paid departments at D. were created - and. in Lithuania, Latvia and Moldova. Paid boarding houses for aged are created also in other federal republics.

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O. V. Grinina, A. N. Samarin.