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HOTTINGERA AGAR (R. Hottin-ger, the Brazilian doctor) — a dense agar medium.

In mikrobiol. to practice of X. and. apply to cultivation of microorganisms (see. Bacterial culture). X. and. consists from an agar agar (see the Agar) and Hottinger's broth, to-ry prepare from the repitch of Hot-tingera (a product of enzymic hydrolysis of meat) divorced several times water with addition of 0,5% of solution of sodium chloride. Introduction the agar agar in Hottinger's broth provides a dense or semi-dense consistence of a medium at t ° 37 ° — culture conditions of the majority of microbes.

For preparation of X. and. add an agar-agar in various concentration (1 — 3% of solution) to Hottinger's broth that the agar agar and purposes of the environment depends on quality. E.g., for receiving a large amount of biomass on Wednesday add 2 — 3% an agar agar, for growth of the isolated colonies of a microbe in Petri dishes — 1,2 — 2% an agar agar, and for release of pure growths —

spill the Wednesday containing 1,2 — 1,7% an agar agar in test tubes for receiving so-called slanted columns (jambs). Mix of broth of Hottinger and agar agar gradually heat at constant stirring to full fusion of an agar. Establish a necessary pH value of the environment. The prepared environment is filtered, spilled and will sterilize in the autoclave with a pressure of 1 atm within 30 min.

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See also Agar beef-extract, Broth meat-pepton.ny y.

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