HOTOVITSKY Stepan Fomich

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HOTOVITSKY Stepan Fomich (1796 — 1885) is a domestic obstetrician and the pediatrician, the academician of the St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy (1842), zasl. professor (1843).

In 1817 graduated from the St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy and 4 years Berli

not and London on obstetrics and pediatrics was improved in Vienna. In 1822 was returned to Russia, it was approved as the graduated in a military academy of academy at department of forensic medicine, medical police and povivalny art and it is made to the headquarters doctors. In 1823 defended the dissertation devoted to a state and development of pediatrics, gynecology and hygiene in Europe. In 1823 took active part in fight against cholera in Astrakhan. In 1831 it is approved extraordinary, and in 1832 as ordinary professor of department of obstetrics and gynecology. Along with 1828 for 1833 took up a position of the senior city obstetrician in St. Petersburg.

S.F. Hotovitsky possesses a merit of creation in academy (1836) of independent department of obstetrics with the doctrine about female and children's diseases with for the first time the obstetric clinic attached to it, in structure the cut was organized a hospital for children — a prototype of children's clinic. S.F. Hotovitsky directed department before retirement in 1847, paying special attention to pediatrics (see). The extensive program of his lectures remained. It translated into Russian several foreign guides and textbooks. Made a contribution to development in the country of hygienic science.

S.F. Hotovitsky is an author apprx. 30 printing works on obstetrics, female diseases, pediatrics, inf. to diseases and hygiene. The first Russian leaders written to them on pediatrics of Pediyatrik are of special value. From 1833 to 1839 was an editor of «The military-medical magazine».

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