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HORTOLOMEY Nicolae (Hortolo-mei Nicolae, 1885 — 1961) is the Romanian surgeon, the academician. Academies of Sciences of SRR, zasl. doctor of SRR, winner of the State award SRR.

In 1909 ended medical f-t of Yassky un-that and worked as the intern in university clinic.

Specialized on surgery and urology in clinics of Vienna, Berlin, Paris. Since 1922 the regular surgeon, and since 1930 the manager. urological clinic medical f-that Bucharest un-that. Since 1952 and until the end of life directed faculty surgical clinic medico-pharmaceutical in-that in Bucharest.

N. Hortolomey is the author of St. 130 scientific works, including a number of monographs concerning the general surgery, urology, anesthesiology, cardiovascular surgery, experimental medicine and, in particular, experimental transplantology, a pathophysiology of breath, a condition of c. N of page and cardiovascular system at an anoxia and a hypothermia. Its works on clinic and operational treatment of a peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum, diseases of prostatic and thyroid glands, mitral defect, etc. are known. It one of founders of the Center of cardiovascular surgery in Bucharest.

N. Hortolomey was a member of a row Romanian and foreign scientific medical about - in, the Honorary Chairman Ob-va of surgeons and urologists of SRR, the member of National academy of medicine of France, the honorary member Leningrad surgical about-va of N. I. Pirogov. Works: Tratamentul chirurgical al hipertireo-zelor, Bucure§ti, 1954; Anestezia, Bucu-re§ti, 1957; Sechele reumatismale, tratamentul chirurgical al stenozei mitrale, Bu-cure§ti, 1957; Recherches experimentales sur la revascularisation du myocarde, Lyon chir., t. 54, p. 5, 1958 (sovm. with other); Hypothermia and the central nervous system, Minerva cardioangiol. europ., v. 7, p. 148, 1959; Experimentelle Untersuchungen iiber die Homotransplantation klihlkonservier-ter Nerven bei entrindeten und nichten-trindeten Tieren, Acta anat. (Basel), Bd 40, S. 368, 1960 (sovm. with other).

Bibliography: Faragasanul.

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V. I. Didenko.