HOROSHKO Vasily Konstantinovich

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HOROSHKO Vasily Konstantinovich (1881 — 1949) is the Soviet neuropathologist, the academician of AMH (1945), zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1943).

In 1904 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that, worked as the intern, the assistant to clinic of nervous diseases un-that. In 1911 together with group of progressive scientists left un-t in protest at reform of the reactionary minister Kasso. In 1912 protected dokt. the thesis on the subject «Reactions of an Animal Organism to Administration of Nervous Tissue». In 1912 — 1923 taught on the High female courses in Moscow (nowadays the 2nd MMI) and at the same time in 1915 — 1920 worked in Traumatologic in-those. Since 1929 the manager of neurologic clinic State in-that physical therapy and orthopedics Narkomzdrava of RSFSR (nowadays Central scientific research institute of balneology and physical therapy of M3 of the USSR). In 1935 — 1941 managed department of nervous diseases of the 4th MMI (nowadays Ryazan medical in in-t of I. P. Pavlov), and from 1943 to the last days lives headed department of nervous diseases of the 3rd MMI (nowadays Moscow medical dental in-t of N. A. Semashko). In days of the Great Patriotic War of V. K. Horoshko there was the member of presidium of Hospital council Narkomzdrava of the USSR, directed work of neuropathologists of hospitals.

V. K. Horoshko is the author of St. 200 scientific works on various sections of medicine. In the monograph devoted to kozhevnikovsky epilepsy (see) he stated (1907) thought, new on that time, of subcrustal genesis of violent movements and frustration of a muscle tone. In its thesis the basis of the methods of biological therapy offered afterwards was developed. In work «About the relation of frontal lobes of a brain to psychology and psychopathology» showed (1912) V. K. Horoshko that frontal lobes of a brain are body of active attention and an initiative; a number of syndromes of damage of frontal lobes was also allocated to them. In V. K. Horoshko's works about diseases of century of N of page participation in regulation of vegetative functions of a cerebellum, subcrustal structures and a cerebral cortex is described. In the monograph «The Doctrine about Neurosises» (1943) he emphasized that he at neurosis (see) the doctor deals first of all with the suffering personality, and proved in this regard need of individual treatment. He paid to problems of neurotraumatism and neurosurgery much attention, the first in in Moscow began to apply a lumbar puncture (a spinal puncture) with the diagnostic and medical purpose. It developed an original technique of a pneumoencephalography (see). V. K. Horoshko developed also questions of physical therapy of nervous diseases.

V. K. Horoshko was a member of academic medical councils the People's commissar-is sensible of the USSR and Narkomzdrava of RSFSR, the board member and chairman (1948 — 1949) Vsesoyuznogo medical about-va neuropathologists and psychiatrists, the editor «Neurology» of the 1st BME edition redotdet. Works: Clinical form of the prof. Kozhevnikov, epilepsia partialis continua, M., 1907; Clinical observations in connection with punctio lumbalis, M., 1908; About the relation of frontal lobes of a brain to psychology and psychopathology, M., 1912; Reactions of an animal organism to administration of nervous tissue, M., 1912; Diseases of the autonomic nervous system, in book: Chastn. patol. also rubbed. vnutr. Bol., under the editorship of G. F. Lang and D. D. Pletnev, t. 4, century 3, page 687, M. — JI., 1929; Lyumboishalgiya, M. — L., 1938 (bus of a number of hl. and edition); The doctrine about neurosises, M., 1943.

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