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HORMONAL AND ACTIVE TUMOURS — the tumors of hemadens which are followed by excess release of hormones or hormonal and active products of their biosynthesis.

Of the lake can arise in all hemadens. They can be high-quality and malignant. Excess release of hormones G. of the lake defines their clinical picture, edges is expressed by hyperfunction of the corresponding gland.

Excess hormonal activity characterizes both benign, and malignant tumors of hemadens, it is observed also in the tumors developing from a malrelated tissue of glands.

Of the lake of a hypophysis consider the eosinophilic adenoma defining development acromegalias (see) and giantism (see), the basphilic adenoma which is characterized by excess release of adrenocorticotropin and clinic Itsenko — Cushing of a disease (see).

Of the lake of a thyroid gland characterizes the thyrocardiac adenoma which is followed by excess release of thyroxine and triiodothyronine and the expressed phenomena thyrotoxicosis (see).

Allocate to of the lake of parathyroids significant amounts of parathormone and define clinic hyperparathyreosis (see).

Can be of the lake of a pancreas two types: formed by B-cells of islands of a pancreas insuloma (see) and formed by A-cells glucagonoma (see).

Of the lake of bark of adrenal glands morphologically are also functionally various that is defined by complexity of a structure of this gland. Treats them: kortikosteroma (see), Itsenko who is characterized by excess allocation of glucocorticoids and mineralokortikoid and clinically expressed a syndrome — Cushing; androsteroma (see) with excess allocation of androgens and clinic adrenogenital syndrome (see); a kortikoesteroma with excess release of estrogen and clinic of feminization; an aldosteroma (see) with allocation of excess quantity of Aldosteronum and development of primary hyper aldosteronism (see).

Of the lake of a medulla of an adrenal gland: pheochromocytomas (see) and pheochromoblastomas (malignant option of a pheochromocytoma).

Of the lake of ovaries are divided into tumors with excess allocation estrogen (see) and with excess allocation androgens (see). The granulocellular tumor concerns to the first ovary (see), a folliculoma, teka-cellular tumors (see. Tecoma ) and tumors of the mixed structure (a combination of a granulocellular tumor and a tecoma). The clinic of such tumors quite often is defined by a hyperestrogenemia, disturbances monthly and local symptoms. Treat the second group arrhenoblastoma (see), tumors of cells of a chyle, maskulinovoblastoma and enclavomas. All of them are characterized by clinic of a virilism.

Of the lake of testicles are the tumors from intersticial cells causing premature puberty in boys.

G.'s treatment by the lake of hl. obr. operational, apply also telegamma therapy (see. Gamma therapy ), implantation of radioactive drugs.

A specific place is held by the tumors of other bodies emitting AKTG-like substances (cancer of bronchial tubes, a pancreas) and which are followed by clinic of a hypercorticoidism (see. Adrenocorticotropic hormone ); the tumors of bronchial tubes and a liver producing gonadotropnopodobny connections meet. On a wedge, to manifestations they remind G. to the island.

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