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HORIOIDKARTsINOMA [chorioid-carcinoma; lat. (plexus) of chorioideus a vascular texture 4 ~ Greek kag-kinos cancer, a crab + - a bta; synonym: a ho-rioidny carcinoma, an atipichesky horioidpapilloma, primary cancer of a horioidny texture] — the malignant neuroectodermal tumor developing from an epithelium of vascular textures of a brain. Is malignant option of a horioidpapilloma (see).

Meets extremely seldom. Macroscopically has an appearance of a massive node with sites of the fine-grained or fleecy structure which is located in a cavity of a ventricle of a brain. Growth of a tumor infiltrative, metastasises in walls of cerebral cavities and tissue of a brain can be observed. Histologically the tumor has a structure of papillary cancer (see).

A wedge, manifestations depend on localization of a tumor and its metastasises (see the Brain, tumors). The most characteristic all-brain symptoms are connected with occlusion of outflow tracts of the cerebrospinal liquid leading to developing of the closed hydrocephaly (see). Principles wedge. diagnostiyesh same, as well as horioidpapilloma. Differential morfol. diagnosis is carried out with metastasises to vascular textures of a brain of papillary cancer of internals.

In early stages perhaps operational treatment with the subsequent radiation therapy (see).

Forecast in most cases adverse. page yu. Kasumova.