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HOP GARDEN — the balneological resort in the Ukrainian SSR. The Southern Bug in the beauty forest spot is located in 65 km from Vinnytsia, at the height of 285 above sea-level on coast of river. Climate forest-steppe. Summer warm; average temperature of July 19 °. The winter is moderately soft; average temperature of January

— 6 °. An annual amount of precipitation — apprx. 600 mm (at most in June and July). Annual average number of hours of sunshine apprx. 1850.

The main to lay down. factors — radonic carbonic gidrokarbonatno - calcium-magnesium waters with the high content of radon (from 10 to 200 nkyuri/l in different wells) and the hydrocarbonate calcium-sodium waters used for bathtubs (see Mineralnye Vody).

In the resort sanatorium with medical and diagnostic offices and laboratories (clinical, biochemical), the boarding house, a balneary function. Near the Hop garden it is located big mezhk about l x about zny with and on that r y.

Indications: serdech

but - vascular system with a circulatory unefficiency it is not higher than I stage of a disease, diseases of a musculoskeletal system, a peripheral nervous system, gynecologic and skin diseases.

Contraindications — see Balneoterapiya.

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V. V. Poltoranov.