HOOKS Adrian Aleksandrovich

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HOOKS Adrian Aleksandrovich (1849 — 1908) — the domestic ophthalmologist, the doctor of medicine (1973), professor (1895).

HOOKS Adrian Aleksandrovich

In 1872 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that, in 1873 defended the dissertation on degree of the doctor of medicine on a subject about objective color sensation on peripheral parts of a retina. Since 1886 the privatdozent Moscow un-that, and since 1892 extraordinary professor and the head of eye department New and Ekaterina's-tsy. In 1895 — 1908 professor and the director of eye clinic Moscow un-that.

A. A. Kryukov published the St. 50 scientific works devoted generally to a research of visual functions, patol, anatomy and physiology of an eye. In 1882 it prepared the «Fonts and tables for a research of sight» which were repeatedly published and widely adopted. A. A. Kryukov is the author of «A course of eye diseases» who since 1892 sustained 12 editions. Among his pupils there is M. I. Averbakh, A. G. Lyutkevich, A. A. Maklakov, L. I. Sergiyevsky, etc.

A. A. Kryukov is a founder of the Moscow ophthalmologic circle (1878) — the first association of oculists in Europe renamed afterwards in Ob-in of ophthalmologists of Moscow. It consisted the honorary member St. Petersburg ophthalmologic about-va, actions, the member French and German ophthalmologic about - century. Was an editor of the Bulletin of Ophthalmology magazine (1904 — 1908).

Works: Objective color sensation on peripheral parts of a retina, M., 1873; Course of eye diseases, 12th prod., M. — L., 1930 (sovm, with Odintsovy V. P.).

Bibliography: Magilnitsky S. G. Sketch of history of ophthalmology, Mnogotomn. the management on glazn, Bol., under the editorship of B. N. Arkhangelsky, t. 1, page 54, M., 1962; Samoylov A. Ya. both With and in about sh and N-sky D. S. Osnovopolozhnik of the Moscow ophthalmologic school professor Adrian Aleksandrovich Kryukov, Klien, medical, t. 37, No. 10, page 135, 1959; Chentsov A. G. Department of eye diseases, in book: 175 years 1st Mosk. medical in-that, under the editorship of I. D. Strashun, page 227, M. — L., 1940.

A. A. Kasparov.