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HOMOPLASTY (Greek hom[oi]os similar, the same + plastike sculpture, plastics; on new classification — alloplasty) — change of fabrics to an organism from an organism of the same look. In medicine understand change of fabrics from the person as G. to the person.

In to lay down. to practice skin, bones, a cartilage, a cornea apply G. Distinguish G. of the fabrics taken from the donor just before change to their recipient, and G. of tinned fabrics.

Successful results are achieved in change of a gomokost that in a certain measure is caused by opening of new, effective methods of its conservation (see. Conservation of bodies and fabrics ).

Of skin hl are applied. obr. for temporary closure of extensive burn surfaces. The main obstacle for long sewing of the replaced skin is the tissue incompatibility (see. Incompatibility immunological ).

Began to get into cardiovascular surgery. In a number of institutions questions of prosthetics of valves of heart of a gomoklapanama are studied. The long-term results of G. of the aortal valve were encouraging (B. V. Petrovsky, 1974). G.'s technique of arteries is developed by the lyophilized gomotransplantata.

See also Plastic surgeries , Transplantation (bodies and fabrics) .

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