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HOLT Luther (Holt Luther Emmett, 1855 — 1924) is the American pediatrician.

In 1875 ended medical f-t Rochester un-that (State of New York) and since 1876 Ob-va of the help to disabled people and cripples worked in the New York hospital. It was at the same time improved in the field of orthopedics in Medical and surgical college where in 1880 received degree of the doctor of medicine. In the subsequent worked in children's hospitals in New York. Since 1887 the director of the New York hospital for newborns, and since 1890 professor of clinic of children's diseases of the New York university. From 1901 to 1921 JI. Holt directed department of pediatrics of Medical and surgical college.

L. Holt is the author of a large number of the works devoted to various problems of pediatrics (see), in particular to questions of feeding and a nosotrophy and the healthy child and also to social problems of pediatrics. Works of L are most known. Holt about diseases of newborns and children of advanced age, about food of children and care of them. He was vice-president New York - skoy academies of Sciences, the founder and the editor of the American magazine of children's diseases «American Journal of Diseases of Children», one of founders and the president American about-va pediatricians, and also the member of some other American scientific medical about - century

of Works: Diseases of infancy and childhood, N. Y., 1897, 1920; Food, health, and growth N. Y., 1922; The care and feeding of child-ren, N. Y. — L., 1923, The happy baby * N. Y., 1924.

Bibliography: Biographisches Lexikon der hervorragenden Arzte, hrsg. v. I. Fischer, Bd 1, S. 575, B. — Wien, 1932.

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