HOLODKOVSKY Nikolay Aleksandrovich

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HOLODKOVSKY Nikolay Aleksandrovich (1858 — 1921) — otechest

the wine zoologist and the parasitologist, chl. ~ correspondent. St. Petersburg AN (1909).

In 1880 graduated from Medicochirurgical academy (since 1881 —

VMA). Since 1883 the assistant to department of zoology, a comparative anatomy and parasitology of VMA. In 1885 defended the dissertation on degree of the master of zoology and a comparative anatomy, and in 1891 — * the thesis on degree of the doctor of zoology. Since 1885 the privatdozent, since 1902 professor of zoology in Lesnoy in-those (nowadays Leningrad timber college); along with 1891 professor of department of zoology, comparative anatomy and parasitology of VMA.

N. A. Holodkovsky is an author apprx. 180 works devoted to anatomy, developmental biology and a sistekhmatika of insects and helminths. He described many new species of insects and helminths, published the first in Russia «The atlas human a worm» (1898 — 1899), wrote a two-volume course of entomology and a comparative anatomy. Together with A. A. Silantyev made the capital work «Birds of Europe» (1901). N. A. Holodkovsky paid much attention to promoting of achievements of biology and the theory of evolution. He was the convinced opponent of vitalism in biology and medicine. Its textbooks on entomology, zoology and a comparative anatomy (for physicians) were repeatedly republished. N. A. Holodkovsky perfectly owned technology of manual preparation and gistol. researches; successfully combined research with pedagogical. E were his pupils in VMA. N. Pavlovsky, H. N. Co-stylev, etc., and in Lesnoy in-those is

V. I. Plotnikov, etc. N. A. Holod-kovsky's activity in the field of linguistics and transfer of foreign poetry is widely known. It translated into Russian Byron, Schiller, Heine's many works, etc. Its poetic transfer of «The temple of the nature» of E. Darwin is interesting. For transfer into Russian of «Faust» of Goethe it was conferred a full award of A.S. Pushkin of Academy of Sciences (1917).

The Academy of Sciences of the USSR founded the award of N. A. Holodkovsky (1947) which is periodically awarded for outstanding works on entomology. All-Union entomological about-vom at Academy of Sciences of the USSR since 1948 readings memory of N. A. Holodkovsky are annually carried out.

Works: Short course of entomology, SPb., 1890; To biology and a systematics of the sort Cher-mes L., S.'s Year-book - Peterburgsk. forest in-that, year 4, page 255, SPb., 1891; Atlas human worm, century 1 — 3, SPb., 1898 — 1899; Birds of Europe, SPb., 1901 (sovm. with Silantyev A. A.); Textbook of zoology and comparative anatomy, SPb., 1905; Hermesa, harming coniferous trees, Pg., 1915; Biological sketches, M. — Pg., 1923; Course of entomology theoretical and applied, t. 1 — 3, M. — L.,

1927 — 1931; Textbook of zoology, L. — M, 1933.

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