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HOLMGREN Gunnar (Holmgren Gunnar, 1875 — 1954) is the Swedish otorhinolaryngologist.

Upon termination of medical in-that in Stockholm worked as the practical doctor. In 1909 received degree of the doctor of medicine. Since

1910 the director of clinic of diseases of an ear, nose and throat in Stockholm; since 1912 professor of otorhinolaryngology in Stockholm medical in-those.

Popularity to G. Holmgren was brought the slukhovosstanavlivayushchy operation developed by it at an otosclerosis and works on use of diathermocoagulation at malignant tumors of a nose, adnexal bosoms and drinks. G. Holmg-ren's works promoted development of otorhinolaryngology in Sweden, and also in other Scandinavian countries (Norway, Finland, Denmark). In development of world otorhinolaryngology creation in 1918 of the Acta oto-laryngologica magazine was important (Stockholm), a publisher and the editor to-rogo G. Holmgren was until the end of life.

G. Holmgren was a large public figure, the organizer and the head otorhinolaryngological about-va in Stockholm, consisted the chairman of Royal committee on fight against deafness. In 1948 on its initiative the first international audio-logical congress was called, he was elected to Krom the chairman.

Works: Some experiences in the surgery of otosclerosis, Acta oto-laryng. (Stockh.), v. 5, p. 460, 1923; Die Diathermiebehand-lung der bosartigen Tumoren der Nasenne-benhohlen, des Naso-und Mesopharynx, ibid., suppl. 7, p. 301, 1928; Otosclerose-Chirurgie, Pract. oto-rhino-laryng. (Basel), v. 8, p. 441, 1946; On development of otosclerosis surgery, Acta oto-laryng. (Stockh.), suppl. 78, p. 130, 1949.

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