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HODZHKIN Dorothy (Hodgkin Dorothy Crowfoot, sort. in 1910) — the English biochemist, the member London royal about-va (1947), the foreign member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1976), the Nobel Prize laureate


Un-that left Sam-mervillsky college Oxford in 1932 and chemical f-t To emb r and dzhs to go un-that in 1934.

Since 1934 professor of a biochemical ratoriya of a lab of the London royal society works at the Cambridge university.

D. Hodzhkin is the author of the St. 120 scientific works but to various questions of biochemistry devoted to hl. obr. to studying of structure of complicated molecules various biol. objects with is and about l z about in and N and e m r en t of it is acute at to -

the turny analysis, a crystallography and some other modern methods of a research of a structure of molecules and atoms. D. Hodzhkin carried out the X-ray crystallographic analysis of penicillin (see) thanks to what in 1946 penicillin was received


in the artificial way. D. Hodzhkin conducted basic researches of structure of B12 vitamin (see Cyanocobalamine) and received the volume radiographic image of its molecule. Uti researches allowed to synthesize pure crystal B12 (1956) vitamin. D. Hodzhkin with pupils for the first time was succeeded to make the crystallographic analysis and interpretation of a molecular structure of cholesterol (1945), C (1961) cephalosporin and other biologically active agents.

The Nobel Prize is awarded by it for development and use of the X-ray crystallographic analysis during the studying of structure biol. molecules. D. Hodzhkin is the member of a row British and international scientific biochemical about - century. For outstanding achievements in the field of biochemistry and a crystal chemistry in 1982 by Academy of Sciences of the USSR it was awarded by a gold medal of M. V. Lomonosov. Works: The X-ray analysis of the structure of cephalosporin C, Bioehem. J., v. 79, p. 393, 1961 (owls, with Maslen E. N.); The crystal structure of phenoxymethylpenicil-Hn, ibid., v. 86, p. 514, 1963 (sovm. with other); Wandering scientists, New Delhi, 1974.

Bibliography: Les prix Nobel (en 1964), p. 157, Stockholm, 1965; Modern man in science, p. 236, N. Y. a. o., 1966; World who’s who in science, ed. by A. G. Debus, p. 813, Chicago, 1968. V. I. Didenko.