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HODZHKIN Allan (Hodgkin Allan Lloyd, sort. in 1914) — the English physiologist, the member London royal about-va (1948), the honorary member of National academy of Sciences of the USA (1974), the foreign member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1976), the Nobel Prize laureate (1963).

Ended in 1936.

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1937 — 1938 trained in the USA. In 1938 — 1939 worked in laboratory of Sea biological association of Great Britain (Plymouth). In 1939 — 1945 scientific consultant Min-va of the Air Force and Min-va of the aviation industry of Great Britain; in 1945 — 1952 associate professor Kembridzhsky un-that. From 1952 to 1969 professor, and then the president (1970 — 1975) London royal about-va. From 1970 to 1981 professor of biophysics of Kembridzhsky un-that. Since 1978 the head of Tri-nitikolledzha in Cambridge.

The main scientific works of A. Hodzhkin are devoted to problems of physiology of nerve fibrils. In 1937 it for the first time carried out registration of the local answer of nerve fibril for his subthreshold irritation. In 1939 together with A. Huxley for the first time made intracellular assignment of rest potentials and action (see Bioelectric potential) in a huge axon of a squid. In 1949 — 1952 together with B. Katts A. Huxley carried out quantification of the relations existing in a membrane of nerve fibril between the potential, an ionic conduction and current. On the basis of the analysis of these data together with A. Huxley he formulated the ionic theory of excitement (see). The methods of a research of ionic currents developed by it, the offered system of the equations for their description (mathematical model of nervous impulse) and the made theoretical generalizations and hypotheses exerted considerable impact on development of modern physiology and biophysics of excitable fabrics. He conducted also a number of researches on physiology of muscle fiber. Since 1970 A. Hodzhkin works on studying of the nature of electric answers of sticks and flasks of a retina of an eye. The Nobel Prize is awarded to A. Hodzhkin together with

A. Huxley and J. Ekkls for researches of the nature of nervous impulse (see).

Works: The conduction of the nervous impulse, Liverpool, 1965; Nervous impulse, the lane with English, M., 1965;

Chance and design in electrophysiology, an informal account of certain experiments on nerve carried out between 1934 and 1952, J. Physiol. (Lond.), v. 263, p. 1, 1976; Beginning, some reminiscences of my early life (1914 — 1947). Ann. Rev. Physiol., v. 45, p. 1, 1983.

B. I. Hodorov.