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HODZHA-OBIGARM — the balneokli-matichesky resort of a desert zone in the Tajik SSR. It is located in 48 km to the North from Dushanbe at the height of 1740-— I960 of m above sea-level in the beauty spot on the crossed plateau between two mountain small rivers forming beautiful falls on the way. Climate mountainous. Summer hot; average temperature of July 24 °. Rather high daytime temperature is easily transferred thanks to mountain and valley winds and low relative (apprx. 20%) humidity. Winter soft; average temperature of January — 2 °. Annual amount of precipitation on average 1430 mm (hl. obr. during a cold season), number of hours of sunshine in a year 2500 — 3000.

The main to lay down. factors — mountain climate, low-mineralized nitric siliceous thermal (t ° from 65 to 95 °) waters with the content of radon from 0,3 to 6,4 nkyuri/l, applied chilled to bathtubs, flourishes, enteroclyses, others balneoprotsedur and drinking treatment (see. Radon waters), and also silt mud (see therapeutic muds) from the lake Aksykon. To number unique to lay down. factors of the resort the thermal steam coming to the Earth's surface containing radon (see) and Torahs it (see) belongs. Treatment the ferry is performed in the form of local and general steam bathtubs and inhalations.

In the resort the sanatorium and its branch located in the valley of the river Vorzeb in 12 km from H.-O., resort policlinic, bathrooms

Hodge-Obigarm's Resort function. Habit view of the resort.

buildings, mud baths. Treatment the ferry is carried out in special Paro emanatoriums.

HODZhKIN of 21


it is not higher than 1 stage of a disease of cardiovascular system with a circulatory unefficiency, a musculoskeletal system, digestive organs, a peripheral nervous system, a female genital.

Contraindications — see Balneoterapiya.

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