HODUKIN Nikolay Ivanovich

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the course of UK and N Nikolay Ivanovich (1896 — 1957) is the Soviet parasitologist and the epidemiologist, the member correspondent of AMH (1945) and AN of the Uzbek SSR (1947), zasl. scientist of the Uzbek SSR (1940).

Ended medical f-t Kazan un-that in 1919. During civil war served as the doctor in Red Army. Then worked in Mary where organized the malarial station. In 1924 the manager. Mirzachulinsky malarial station, later manager. the malarial station in Tashkent. Since 1925 the manager. parasitological department Tashkent in-that epidemiology, microbiology. For a number of years conducted a course of the general and private parasitology on biological f-those Central Asian un-that.

To N. I. Hod I will also kick belongs apprx. 150 scientific works on studying of natural and focal diseases, regional pathology of Uzbekistan (malaria, leyshmanioz). It conducted researches of a leushmaniosis at dogs, viral infections — encephalitis, flebotomny fever, and also rickettsioses — Ku - whether - horadka are studied; N. I. Hodukin established true nature of the Dzhalangarsky «encephalitis» which appeared alimentary toxicosis — the trikhodesmo-toxicosis caused by consumption of flour from the grain containing impurity of a weed trikhodes-we gray-haired (see. Food poisonings).

Works: The main problems of epidemiology of kala-azar in connection with epidemiology of a dog leushmaniosis in Central Asia, Tashkent, 1929; To history of studying of leyshmanioz in Russia, in book: Sketches on an ist., parazitol., under the editorship of P. G. Sergiyev and N. N. Plotnikov, page 5, M., 1953; Chosen works, Tashkent, 1959.

Bibliography: D and l and l about in and K. M.,

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