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HLOTsIKLAMYD (Chlocyclamidum; synonym Oradianum; SI. B) — irotivodiabetichesky drug from group of derivatives of sulphonylurea; chlorine-containing analog of Cyclamidum. N-(p-H lorbenzolsulfonit) - N '-tsik-logeksilmochevina. White crystal powder, almost not water soluble. Hlotsiklamid was applied at a moderately severe non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (see a diabetes mellitus). It is established that drug is inefficient at children's and youthful age at insulindefitsitny diabetes.

On the mechanism of action it is close to Butamidum (see) and other hypo-hl iky izir at yushchy means (see). Exerts the stimulating impact on R-cells of a pancreas, strengthening an inkretion of endogenous insulin. On gipoglikemiziruyu-shchy effect it is close to Cyclamidum (see).

At use of this drug the headache, dispeptic frustration, allergic reactions, a leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, abnormal liver functions were often observed. Hlotsiklamid was absolutely contraindicated at ketoacidosis. to a diabetic coma, inf. diseases, abnormal liver functions and kidneys, a leukopenia and a grana of a lotsitopeniya, hypersensitivity to drugs of sulphonylurea, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

In a crust, time as the outdated and ineffective drug possessing side effect is excluded from the state register.

A. G. Mazowiecki, T. L. Kurayeva.