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HLOROFTALM (Chlorophthalmum;

joint venture. A) — antikholinesterazny means. 0,0 Dimethyl (1 - oxy - 2,2,2 - three - h l about r e t and k) - f about with f about N and t; From 4 N 8 O 4 P C13:

White crystal powder with a slight smell. Let's easily dissolve in water and alcohol; pH of 1,5% of water solution 4,5 — 5.5.

Like Arminum (see) and to Phosphacolum (see), is irreversible inhibitor of cholinesterase (see) and causes all effects inherent to other antikholinosterazny substances (a miosis, decrease in intraocular pressure, a spasm of accommodation, etc.). As well as other irreversible inhibitors of cholinesterase, hloroftaljm has high toxicity and therefore in medical practice it is applied only locally in the form of eye drops as a miotoc (see).

As the miotoc hloro-ftalm is applied at glaucoma (see). Appoint in the form of 0,5 — 1i 1,5% of water solution on 2 drops of 3 — 4 — 6 times a day. After each instillation the area of a dacryocyst needs to be pressed for 2 — 3 min. for the prevention of flowing of drug in a nasal cavity and its absorptions through a mucous membrane of this cavity. In the course of treatment it is recommended to alternate purpose of a hloroftal-m to other miotocs.

At use of drug emergence of a passing hyperemia of a conjunctiva is possible.

At accidental reception a hlorof-talma development of acute poisoning is inside possible, a cut it is characterized by the signs typical for action of antikholinesterazny means (a miosis, bradycardia, a hyper

sialosis, abdominal pains, etc.). As antidotes at poisonings hloroftalkhmy apply atropine (see) and other m-holinoblokatory (see. Cholinolytic substances), and also reaktivator of cholinesterase, napr, dipiroksy (see) or Isonitrosinum.

Form of release: powder. Storage: in the dry, protected from light place.

See also Antikholineste different means.

Bibliography: Vorobyova G. P. and

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D. N. Samoylov.