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HLOROBUTANOLGIDRAT (Chloro-butanoli hydras; synonym: Chloretonum,

Acetonchloroform, Chlorobutanolum, Chlorbutolum, Chlorobutanolum hyd-ratum, etc.) — a hypnagogue. 1,1,1-Trikhlor-2-metil propyl alcohol-2; C4H7C130 - VaHgO:

Colourless crystals with a smell of camphor. We will dissolve in water (1:250) a little, it is easy — in alcohol, ether, chloroform, fatty oils.

Possesses sleeping pill and the calming action. In high doses causes an anesthesia. At topical administration shows the anesthetizing and antiseptic activity. On somnolent action it is close to Chlorali hydras (see), but surpasses it in activity. In narcotic doses causes respiratory depression and decrease in the ABP.

Apply at sleep disorders, sometimes as sedative and an antiemetic. Appoint inside (capsular) or rektalno (in candles and enemas). As the hypnagogue adult is appointed by 0,5 — 1 g to night as sedative — on 0,3 — 0,5 g on reception. Outwardly apply to treatment of ulcers, wounds and inflammatory processes in the form of 1 — 2% of a prisylka, 5 — 10% of ointment, 0,4% of solution for lotions.

In chemical - pharm. the industries hlorobutanolgidrat use as preservative of adrenaline, Pituitrinum and nek-ry other drugs.

Form of release: powder. Storage: in well corked container in the cool place protected from light.

Hlorobutanolgidrat is also a part of chlorobutanol for inhalations and an aerosol «Cametonum».

Chlorobutanol for and N-g and l I am c and y (

Chlorobutanoli hyd ras pro inhalationibus; the synonym Chloretonum for inhalations) contains: hloro-

a butanolgidrata, camphor, menthol and oil eucalyptus according to 1 h, oils of vaseline 96 h. Apply as antiseptic and mestnoanesteziruyushchy agent to inhalations or introduction to a nose (at inflammatory diseases of a nasopharynx and throat). Sometimes appoint locally (for rubbing in in skin) at an itch.

Form of release: bottles on

25 ml.

The aerosol «To and m e t about N»

(Aerosolum «Cametonum») contains chlorobutanol for inhalations and propellant. Is issued in special aerosol cans on 30 ml. Apply it is inhalation at inflammatory diseases of a throat and throat.

See also Hypnagogues.

R. N. Alyautdin.