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HLOPIN Grigory Vitalyevich (1863 — 1929) is the Soviet hygienist and the public figure, zasl. scientist of RSFSR. I. M. Sechenov and F. F. Erisman's pupil.

In 1886 graduated from natural department physical and mathematical f-that St. Petersburg un-that, and in 1893 — medical f-t Moscow un-that. In 1885 it was arrested for participation in activity of social democratic group of D. N. Bla-goyev and it is sent under supervision of police home to Cherdyn, the Perm province.

In 1896 protected dokt. the thesis on «To a Technique of Definition of the Oxygen Dissolved in Water». From 1896 to 1903 professor of department of the state vrachebnovedeniye (hygiene) of Yuryevsky (nowadays Tartu) un-that; from 1903 to 1904 professor of department of hygiene Novorossiysk un-that (Odessa); since 1904 professor of department of hygiene St. Petersburg women's medical in-that. In 1906 organized and headed department of hygiene in clinical in-those improvements of doctors (nowadays Leningrad to the GUIDE In of

S. M. Kirov), and in 1913 headed department of hygiene at medical faculty St. Petersburg psychoneurological in-that (nowadays Leningrad sanitary and hygienic medical in-t). From 1918 to 1929 at the same time managed department of the general and military hygiene of VMA.

G. V. Hlopin is the follower and the successor of the ideas And. Item Dobrosla-vina and F. F. Erismana. G. V. Hlopin is an author apprx. 140 scientific works devoted to development of methods a dignity. - chemical researches, problems of hygiene of water supply, hygiene of food, sanitary microbiology and the organization of sanitary business.

In addition, G. V. Hlopin conducted researches in the field of epidemiology (sanitary inspection of the cities of the Volga region), occupational health, occupational diseases and industrial toxicology (inspection of working conditions of working mines and the state plants of the Urals, the working plants of coal paints, staff of submarines); school hygiene and psychohygiene of school students (studying of conditions of training and incidence of 116 thousand children of St. Petersburg); hygiene and physiology of brainwork (pilot studies of influence of brainwork on gas exchange). G. V. Hlopin the first in the USSR began to develop a problem a dignity. - chemical protection of the population and troops, organized laboratory on studying of toxicology and protection against OV, issued the first-ever guide to this question.

G. V. Hlopin paid much attention to problems of teaching hygiene. Its textbooks and the managements — such as «Bases of hygiene», «Practical grants by methods of sanitary researches», etc. — laid the foundation of teaching hygiene at the Soviet higher medical school.

G. V. Hlopin was the vice-chairman of the organizing committee of the III International congress on occupational diseases, the editor of redotde-la «Hygiene» of 1 prod. BME, editor of the Hygiene and Sanitation magazine. He was the Honorary Chairman and the founder Leningrad scientific about-va hygienists and health officers, the honorary member London royal sanitary in-that, the member of German about-va scientists, etc.

Works: To a technique of definition of the oxygen dissolved in water, a yew., M., 1896; Coal paints, Yuryev, 1903; Questions of school hygiene and pedagogics on the 2nd International congress on school hygiene in London, SPb., 1908; Materials on improvement of Russia, SPb., 1911; Chemical methods of a research drinking and drain waters, SPb., 1913; Methods of a research of foodstuff and drinks, Pg., 1917; Bases of hygiene, t. 1 — 2, M. — Pg., 1921 — 1923; Voyenno

sanitary bases of antigas business, L., 1926; The Reduced course of the general hygiene, p.1 — 2, M. — L., 1926; Methods

of sanitary researches, t. 1 — 2, L.,

1928 — 1932.

Bibliography: Belitskaya E. Ya. Scientific hygienic schools of Leningrad, page 84, M., 1982; Crustaceans A. A. Grigory Vitalyevich Hlopin, L., 1965.

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