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HLOKSYL (Chloxylum; synonym hexachloroparaxylene; joint venture. B) — helminthicide. 1,4 Bis (-trikhlor-methyl) benzene; C8H4C16.

White crystal powder without taste and a smell. It is almost water-insoluble, difficult alcohol-soluble, we will easily dissolve in oils; t°mi apprx. 110 °.

Hloksil causes death of nek-ry types of trematodes (see Trematodoza) by destruction of nucleoproteids in cells of their intestinal epithelium and a parenchyma and the oppressing action on carbohydrate metabolism that is shown by sharp reduction of content in fabrics of trematodes of a glycogen. Renders the action in the beginning exciting, and then paralyzing on muscles of helminths.

At intake it is soaked up from went. - kish. path not completely. In 4 hours after reception of 0,5 g! its concentration in blood makes kg of a hloksil apprx. 0,75 mg on 100 ml, in 24 hours — apprx. 0,05 mg on 100 ml. In 1 days from 50 to 93% of the dose accepted inside it is allocated with a stake. The rest of a hloksil is deposited in an organism within 6 — 28 days and during this period in insignificant quantities is allocated with bile and urine.

Hloksil apply to treatment of helminthoses of a liver — an opisthorchosis (see), a clonorchosis (see) and a fascioliasis (see). For this purpose drug is appointed inside after food.

The different schemes of treatment differing with duration of administration of drug and size of its daily dose are recommended. At the two-day scheme of treatment hloksit appoint the adult in a daily dose at the rate of 0,15 g/kg, at the three-day scheme — 0,1 g/kg and at the five-day scheme — 0,06 g/kg. In all cases the daily dose is divided into

3 receptions. At any scheme of the patient receives 0,3 g/kg of a hloksil for a cycle of treatment. The single dose of a hloksil is recommended to be stirred before inclusion in V2 of a glass of milk. If necessary the course of treatment is repeated in 4 — 6 months. Purgatives at treatment hloksily do not apply. In 2 days after treatment appoint cholagogue means. Within 1 — 2 month of 1 — 2 time a week carry out duodenal sounding for release of bilious ways from the dead and the weakened trematodes.

Side effect of drug is shown by passing dizziness and feeling of intoxication, sometimes — abdominal pains and areas of a liver. Rather seldom there can be allergic reactions, pains in heart, disturbances of a cordial rhythm. Perhaps also emergence of protein and hyaline cylinders in urine.

It is contraindicated at acute went. - kish. frustration, disturbances of functions of a liver, fever, damages of a myocardium, pregnancy.

Form of release: powder. Storage: in well corked container.

See also Helminthicides.

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