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HIT DITCH Fedor Mikhaylovich (sort. in 1903) — the Soviet surgeon, zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1971), winner of the Lenin award (1964). The member of the CPSU since 1955.

In 1927 ended medical f-t of Xie-vero-Kavkazsk from un-that, then was a doctor in Grozny and specialized on surgery at N. I. Napalkov. Since 1932 worked in CYTO under the leadership of

A. E. Rauer. In 1946 headed clinic of maxillofacial surgery CYTO, transferred in 1962 to structure Central research in-that to stomatology of M3 of the USSR. Since 1980 the consultant of scientific and clinical department in-that. In 1949 protected dokt. the thesis devoted to a rhinoplasty by a bucket-handle graft after fire damages. Since 1950 professor.

F. M. Hitrov is the author of St. 120 scientific works on problems of surgery, preferential surgeries of the head and a neck (processing and plastics of injuries of a skull, free skin transplantation, change of nerves and muscles, in particular a phrenic nerve at paralysis front, etc.). A specific place in its activity is held by works on a plastic surgery (see) persons. F. M. Hitro-vy and his pupils developed considerable number of new surgical methods of plastics of defects of the person, both inborn, and acquired, with use of adjacent fabrics and change of fabrics in the way of a bucket-handle graft. It possesses original works on rhinoplasty (see), operation of formation of an entrance to a throat and a throat the T-shaped stalk, creation of a skeleton of a throat from a gomokhryashch (see L of an aringoplastik), pharyngeal and esophageal ostomies by means of «a skin tube». It for the first time carried out full reconstruction pishcheprovodyashchy and respiratory tracts in cases of a full separation of a throat, throat, gullet; improved ways of surgical treatment of inborn crevices of a lip, sky on the basis of the sparing methods of an uraniscoplasty (see the Sky), and also methods of a labioplasty (see Lips) with use of figured musculocutaneous rags from an under lip; proved indications to a fragmentary osteotomy in combination with a kortikoto-miya at correction of heavy deformations of an upper jaw (see Jaws). F. M. Hitrov one of the first beginnings to apply a method of recovery of mobility of language at his paralysis by change of the central end of a hypoglossal nerve.


the Lenin award is conferred for the scientific work «Defects and Cicatricial Fusions of a Throat, Cervical Department of a Gullet, Throat, Trachea and Technique of Their Elimination».

For the monograph «Plastic Substitution of Defects of the Person and Neck Bucket-handle Graft» (1954) to it the award of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences of

S. I. Spasokukotsky (1955) is awarded.

F. M. Hitrov is an editor of a redotdel «Stomatology» of BME, the member of editorial council of the Stomatologiya magazine, the editor of the Acta chirurgiae plasticae (ChSSR) magazine.

It is awarded by two awards «Sign of Honour» and medals.

Works: A rhinoplasty the Bucket-handle graft after fire damages, a yew., M., 1948; Plastic substitution of defects of the person and neck bucket-handle graft, M., 1954; Defects and cicatricial fusions of a throat, cervical department of a gullet, throat, trachea and technique of their elimination, M., 1963; Bases of plastic surgeries on a face. M, 1971; Atlas of plastic surgery of the person and neck, M., 1 984 (bus of a number of hl. and edition).

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