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HISTORY OF DEVELOPMENT OF THE CHILD — the main primary medical document of children's treatment and prevention facilities which is maintained on each child from his birth and up to 14 years inclusive. And. the ruble ruble is started irrespective of, addresses or the child or his parents does not address to policlinic. In it data on the birth of the child, parents (their age, health, data of the obstetric anamnesis of mother) given about domestic conditions of a family, a condition of the newborn at the birth and at receipt under observation of policlinic are entered. V I. river of river at children of early age data on the nature of feeding, amount of the eaten food, and at the children born with a large weight (more than 4 kg) or premature, having lag at the rates of increase of weight and growth having exudative and catarral diathesis — about results of calculation of the components of food and the recommendation about its correction received by the child are entered. V I. rubles of river are reflected the sisters given patronage visits. At planned observations records about physical and psychological development of the child (indicators of weight, growth, a circle of a thorax, and the child of the first year has lives — circles of the head, development of movements, speeches, features of behavior), a condition of bodies and systems are made, an assessment of health and development of the child is given; all appointments, including recommendations about food, the mode, prevention of avitaminosis, especially rickets, to drug treatment, etc. register. Results of surveys by specialists are brought. The condition of the child on reaching it is reflected one year in stage epicrisis (see). Further stage epikriza are made by the local pediatrician on reaching the child of age of 3 and 7 years (before receipt in school). V I. rubles of river on a special leaf are fixed results biol, tests and preventive inoculations. In records during the overseeing by the sick child special attention is paid to dynamics of a disease and the nature of the carried-out treatment. The final diagnosis is introduced in being in And. river of river. «A leaf for record of the final (specified) diagnoses». During the leaving of the child from under observation of policlinic (on reaching 15 years) data of observations are generalized in the form of an epicrisis which is transferred to policlinic for adults.

And. the river of river has great scientific and practical value. Using it, the doctor obtains comprehensive data on the state of health of the child that helps it to take the correct and timely measures to lay down. - the prof. of character. Except individual assessment of health and development of the child, maintaining And. the river of river gives the chance to obtain the generalized data characterizing the state of health, level physical. development, incidence of children on certain pediatric sites and on policlinic in general and also to judge quality of the organization of medical aid to children.

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