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HISARYa — one of the largest and oldest balneological resorts in the People's Republic of Bulgaria. It is located from Plovdiv at the height of 360 m above sea-level in the picturesque fertile valley of Thrace discovered to the South and protected from cold having sat down in 42 km. winds mountain Stara Planina and Sredn's slopes of the mountain. The climate is moderately continental. Summer solar roast; average temperature of July apprx. 23 °. The winter is short soft; average temperature of January apprx. 0 °. An annual amount of precipitation — apprx. 610 mm.

Numerous monuments to antiquity, including ruins ancient Roman a term, demonstrate that Hisari's sources were used in to lay down. the purposes in the IV—III centuries BC.

The main to lay down. a factor — low-mineralized gidrokarbonatno - sulfate-sodium thermal (temperature from 28 to 49,5 °) the waters of 22 sources containing fluorine and radon. Waters of the resort contain also microelements — lithium, boron, arsenic, strontium, etc. Mineral water is used for bathtubs, irrigations, inhalations, drinking treatment. Hisarsky mineral water is spilled in bottles and exported to many countries of Europe.

In the resort specialized sanatoria for adults and children (the largest of them sanatorium of August), boarding houses, rest houses, resort policlinic, balneo clinics with pools, offices of massage and departments for electro-and phototherapy function; there are swimming pools filled by warm water of mineral sources and drinking pavilions.

Indications to treatment in the resort: diseases of kidneys and urinary tract, digestive organs, disbolism, diseases of female generative organs.

V. V. Poltoranov.