HILOV Konstantin Lvovich

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HILOV Konstantin Lvovich (1893 — 1975) is the Soviet otorhinolaryngologist, the winner of the Lenin

award (1964), zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1947).

In 1917 ended VMA and as the doctor of Red Army was involved in civil war. Underwent specialization at department of ear, throat and nasal diseases of VMA under the leadership of V. I. Voyachek. Since 1923 the assistant to this department. From 1934 to 1957 the department chair of otorhinolaryngology of the 2nd Leningrad medical in-that, at the same time the deputy director in-that by a scientific part and the research supervisor of the Leningrad scientific research institute by diseases of an ear, throat, nose and speech. Doctor of medical sciences (1936), professor (1938). In days of the Great Patriotic War consultant evakogospitaly Leningrad. Since 1957 the chief, and since 1970 the scientific consultant of department of otorhinolaryngology of VMA.

K. L. Hilov is the author of the St. 140 scientific works devoted to theoretical and practical problems of otorhinolaryngology. During the Great Patriotic War original methods of diagnosis and removal of fire foreign bodys at wounds of the head were offered them. K. L. Hilov made the significant contribution to studying of the questions of an air medicine which in particular are of great importance for selection and a training of pilots (see. Vestibular training). It developed original methods to hearing of luchshayushchy operations (see), new tools and optical devices for microsurgery of an ear are offered. The Lenin award is awarded to K. L. Hilov for improvement and widespread introduction in to lay down. practice of operations on recovery of hearing at patients with an otosclerosis (see the Otosclerosis). For work «Function of an organ of equilibrium and a disease of movement» he was awarded by the Big gold medal of Ya. Purkinye un-that in Brno (ChSSR).

K. L. Hilov was elected the deputy of Leningrad Soviet, the chairman of the board Leningrad, the member of boards All-Union and All-Russian about-in otorhinolaryngologists, and also a row foreign scientific about-in; «Otorhinolaryngology» of the 2nd prod. was an editor of a redotdel. BME, was included into editorial council of «The messenger of otorhinolaryngology» and «The magazine of ear, nasal and throat diseases».

It is awarded by the Order of Lenin, an award of the Red Star, the award «Sign of Honour» and medals.

Works: Chosen questions of clinic of fire injuries of ENT organs, L., 1946; Otosclerosis, 1st prod., L.,

1958, 2 prod., L., 1965 (sovm. with Preobrazhensky N. A.); Function of an organ of equilibrium and disease of movement, L., 1969.

Bibliography: Outstanding Soviet otorhinolaryngologist, Zhurn. ushn., nose. and throats, Bol., No. 6, page 104, 1973; Honored

worker of science professor Konstantin Lvovich Hilov, Vestn. otorinolar., No. 2, page 3, 1964. B. S. Krylov.