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HYLOVO — balneogryazevy the resort of a forest zone in the Pskov RSFSR region. It is located in 10 km of of Porkhov, on the left coast of river. Bonds — inflow of river of Sheloni on the hilly plain surrounded with a mixed forest. One of the oldest domestic resorts (its mine -

the Resort of Hilovo. Building of sanatorium.

rolled sources are known since

1865). Summer moderately warm;

average temperature of July 17 °. The winter is moderately soft; average temperature of January — 8 °. An annual amount of precipitation apprx. 550 mm.

The main to lay down. factors — hydrosulphuric (a hydrogen sulfide content to 20 mg/l) сульфатно-гидрокар-бонатно-кальциево-натриевые the waters used for bathtubs, the low-mineralized sulphatic calcic and sulfate-chloride magnesium-calcium-sodium waters used for drinking treatment (see Balneoterapiya, Mineralnye Vody), lake and key silt mud from the lake Lunevo located in 17 km from the resort, and sapropelic dirt from the lake Hudykino in the neighborhood of the resort used for applications (see therapeutic muds). It is applied also hilovin — the drug in the form of ointment prepared on the basis of the colloid sulfur (see) which is dropping out in the form of a deposit of hydrogen-sulfide water at the place of an exit of a source.

In the resort there is a sanatorium with medical and diagnostic offices, water mud baths.

Indications: diseases of vessels

of extremities, including obliterating endarteritis, diseases of a peripheral nervous sistekhma, digestive organs, skin, female genital.

Contraindications — see Balneoterapiya, Mud cure.

In 120 km from the resort there are a Pushkin reserve and the Sacred and mountain monastery with A.S. Pushkin's grave.

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