HIGH-HIV Vladimir Konstantinovich

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HIGH-HIV Vladimir Konstantinovich

HIGH-HIV Vladimir Konstantinovich (1854 — 1912) — the Russian pathologist, the epidemiologist and the bacteriologist. In 1876 ended medical f-t Kharkiv un-that, in 1882 defended the dissertation on «About a Disease of Blood Vessels at Syphilis». In 1884 — 1886 underwent improvement in Germany, then within 9 years worked as the prosector of department of pathological anatomy Kharkiv un-that, at the same time gave a course of the general pathological anatomy. In 1895 it is elected professor of department of pathological anatomy Kiev un-that.

Belongs to V. K. Vysokovich the St. 90 scientific works devoted to various questions of pathological anatomy, physiology, epidemiology and bacteriology. Together with I. I. Mechnikov he created the doctrine about reticuloendothelial system, the crucial role in development to-rogo was mistakenly attributed it. scientist. V. K. High-HIV opened ability of the endothelial and fixed connective tissue cells to take the microbes entered into blood; proved that the destiny of microbes in internals (a liver, a spleen, marrow) depends on degree of pathogenicity of the activator.

In 1897. K. High-HIV headed the Russian expedition sent to India for studying of epidemic of plague and development of effective measures of fight against it. He participated in fight against epidemic of cholera in 1892, with epidemics of plague in Odessa in 1902 and 1910, was the organizer protivoepid, actions in the Russian army during the Russian-Japanese war of 1904 — 1905. In 1894 he irrespective of A. Weichselbaum proved a microbic etiology of cerebrospinal meningitis. In 1890 established that the scrofula is a tubercular disease.

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