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HEXESTROL (Synoestrolum; synonym: Cycloestrol, Dihydrostilbostrol, Estrene, Estronal, Folliplex, Hexanost-rol, Hexestrol, Hexestrolum, Hexoest-rolum, Hormonestrol, Novostrol, Syntex etc.) — synthetic drug, derivative stilbene (an alpha, beta diphenyl ethylene), on biological and medicinal properties is close to estrogen; GFH, joint venture. B.

The page represents white or inodorous slightly yellowish powder. It is almost water-insoluble, easily alcohol-soluble, we will difficult dissolve in oils. Page on oestrogenic activity it is equivalent to estrone; 1 mg of S. corresponds to 10000 PIECES of activity. At introduction in S. it is quickly soaked up and does not collapse in went. - kish. path.

Indications to use for S. for women the same, as for others estrogen (see). For the purpose of replacement therapy of S. appoint at various forms gipogopadizm (see), at postkastratsionny syndrome (see), in a climacteric (see), at osteoporosis in a menopause; as the stimulating and regulating therapy at dysfunction gipotalamo - pituitary and ovarian system (see. Hypothalamic syndrome ); for maintenance of a hemostasis at dysfunctional uterine bleedings (see). Villages use as additional or independent medicine at cancer therapy of a mammary gland at women (see. Mammary gland, tumors ), and also at the started forms of a prostate cancer at men (see. Prostate, tumors ) in addition to surgical castration.

Page. apply inside in the form of tablets and spirit solutions, intramusculary and subcutaneously in the form of oil solutions. The highest doses of S. for adults inside: one-time 0,002 g, daily 0,004 g; intramusculary: one-time 0,002 g (2 ml of 0,1% of solution), daily 0,003 g. At treatment of malignant new growths the highest single dose intramusculary 0,06 g (3 ml of 2% of solution), daily 0,1 g (5 ml of 2% of solution).

Usually S. is transferred well. Side effect (nausea, vomiting, dizziness, at use of high doses perhaps toxic injury of a liver) and contraindications (excessive proliferation of an endometria and bleeding at women, the expressed feminization at men) for S. generally the same, as for other estrogen. To page it is absolutely contraindicated at pregnancy.

Form of release: tablets on 0,001 g, ampoules on 1 ml from 0,1% the oil solution containing 1 mg of S. in 1 ml and with oil solution of 2% (20 mg in 1 ml) drug; 2% apply oil solution only to treatment of patients with malignant new growths.

Store in the place protected from light.

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