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HYoVIZ (Heviz) — balneogryazevy the resort in the Hungarian People's Republic. It is located in 200 km from Budapest, near the northwest coast of the Lake Balaton among the low hills covered with dense deciduous softwood forests. Heviz's climate is defined by proximity of the Lake Balaton. Summer warm; average temperature of July 22 °. Winter soft; average temperature of January — 1,7 °. Annual average temperature 10 °. An amount of precipitation in a year more than 600 mm. Number of hours of sunshine in a year apprx. 2000. Feature of the resort is the only thing in Europe the thermal lake (similar to it by the sizes the lake is available only in N Ava of Zealand). The area of his 4,7 hectares, water temperature in the summer 32 — 33 °, in the winter — not lower than 24 °. The lake is flowing, eats the hot keys beating at a depth of 38 .m, excess of water is taken away on the channel in the Lake Balaton.

The main to lay down. factors; thermal low-mineralized weak and radon carbonic gidrokarbo - natno - magnesium-sodium sulfur-containing water from the lake and thermal

the Resort of Heviz. Bathing buildings on the thermal lake.

(f 39 — 42 °) the water, similar on structure, from wells and also lying at the bottom of the lake slightly radioactive silt mud (thickness of a layer


of 1 — 6 m). Mineral water is used for bathtubs (see). Are applied also mud cure (see), an aerogeliotherapy (see the Air-cure, Heliation) i to lay down. gymnastics and extension in water (see Extension), bathing in the lake during the whole year.

Heviz is available resort policlinic, balneo-and mud baths, bathing buildings (nek-ry are constructed in the middle of the lake on piles, and with the coast to them conduct the glazed corridors). Picturesque landscapes of the coast of the Lake Balaton, the museums, fortresses in the neighborhood of the resort represent ample opportunities for excursions.

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