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HERZHMANSKY Frantisek (Her-mansky Frantisek, 1916 — 1980) is the Czech therapist and the hematologist, professor (1969), the winner of an award of Clement Gotvald (1976).

After the termination in 1946 of Karlov un-that in Prague

the assistant, the leading researcher, then (since 1969)

professor of the first department of internal diseases Karlova un-that managed ge matologichesky laboratory in hospital, since 1950. Since 1972 the head

of this department. Since 1957 headed

the problem laboratory of a pathophysiology of a hemopoiesis and a liver created by it.

The main scientific works of F. Her-zhmansky are devoted to experimental and clinical hematology — morphology, function and pathology of thrombocytes and megacaryocytes, physiology and pathology of a blood coagulation, cytochemistry and therapy of leukoses, and also limfoproliferativny diseases. In

1959 it together with Pood a varnish (P. Pudlak) described a new type of pathology of thrombocytes and pigmental exchange of Herzhmansky-Pudlaka a disease (see). This research laid the foundation for studying of earlier unknown class of the trombotsitopatiya (see) designated as diseases of insufficient accumulation. This series of researches is noted by an award of Clement Gotvald. Dokt. F. Herzhmansky's thesis (1960) and a big series of publications are devoted to studying antitromboplasti-is new and it is normal of antithrombins also at pathology, to metabolism of thrombocytes and their participation in a hemostasis, diagnosis of hemorrhagic diathesis.

F. Herzhmansky is the initiator of cytochemical diagnosis of diseases of blood in ChSSR. In the last years of life he paid the main attention to complex studying of limfoproliferativny diseases and malignant lymphoma.

F. Herzhmansky was a member of a row Czechoslovak and international scientific about - century. Winner of the Strattonov-sky award of the International society of hematologists (Paris, 1978). Works: Albinism associated with hemorrhagic diathesis and unusual pigmented reticular cells in the bone marrow, Blood, v. 14, p. 162, 1959 (sovm. with Pudlak P.); Anticoagulant familial et activite antithrombopla-stique, Rev. Hematol., t. 14, p. 12, 1959 (sovm. with Dejmal S.); Koagulacni inhibitory a trombelastograficke zm6ny u vleklych jaternich chorob, Cesk. Gastroent. Vyz., sv.

1 4, s. 47, 1960 (sovm. with other); Stainable blood., platelet glycogen in various conditions, Acta Univ. Carol. Med., Monogr. 53-54, p. 165, 1972 (sovm. with other); Study of albinism in relation to Hermansky — Pudlak syndrome, Thrombos. Diathes. haemorrh (Stuttg.), v. 34, p. 360, 1975.

Bibliography: In memoriam prof. MUDr. Frantiska Hefmanskeho, Cas. Lek. ces., s. 52, 1980. 3. S. Barkagan.