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HELUAN, Helvan - the climatic and balneological resort in Egypt, one of diseases of kidneys, world-best for treatment. It is located on the edge of Arabian Desert in lower reaches of Nile, at the height of 40 m above sea-level in the southeast suburb of Cairo. The first to lay down. the building is built in 1870. The tropical arid and hot climate differs in insignificant fluctuations of daily temperature, lack of winds. Average temperature of July 35,5e, January 14,8e. An amount of precipitation in a year on average 40 mm. An optimum season — from July to September. The main to lay down. factors: climate and subthermal (t ° 25 — 33e) hydrosulphuric hloridno - the sulfate-sodium mineral waters (see) used for bathtubs, drinking treatment and inhalations. Also air bathtubs (see the Air-cure), sand bathtubs (see) and heliation are applied (see).


Are available sanatoria, boarding houses, pools, ingalyatoriya.

Indications: diseases of kidneys and urinary tract, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, skin, disbolism. And. 3. Vulfson.