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HEAT RASH (miliaria) — the dermatosis caused by the strengthened sweating.

Distinguish several forms of a disease. Crystal P. develops at temporary obstruction of a stalemate time in connection with profuse sweats at various feverish states. Patogistologicheski is observed expansion of distal departments of output channels sweat glands (see) with formation of retentsionny cysts (see. Cyst ) in acanthceous and horn layers of a derma. The wedge, a picture is characterized by an enanthesis of a trunk, is more rare than extremities, small (to dia. 1 — 2 mm), densely located superficial bubbles with transparent contents which are not disturbing the patient and remaining from several hours to 3 — 4 days.

Red P. develops at irritation (inflammation) of skin caused by plentifully allocated then (see), napr, at hard physical activity, excessive wrapping, especially children, at a feverish state. Patogistologicheski infiltrates in a papillary layer of a derma note perivascular, preferential lymphocytic, the subcorneal bubbles containing a small amount of leukocytes. The wedge, a picture is characterized by the pruritic rash which is densely located on the skin of a trunk and the flexion surfaces of extremities consisting of semi-spherical bright red papules (see) dia, from 1 to 3 mm with a microvesicle in the center and a narrow hyperemic nimbus on the periphery. Pleated skin the diffusion hyperemia and even moknuty can develop. Sterile, transparent contents of bubbles gradually grow turbid as a result of accumulation of leukocytes (white P.). Duration of a disease is 1 — 2 week.

Papular P. (tropical) is observed in the countries with tropical climate at the faces which are not adapted to a heat and is actually intensively expressed red to the Item.

P.'s diagnosis is based on a wedge, the picture connected with raised sweating (see). Differential diagnosis is carried out with eczema (see), prurigo (see).

At treatment first of all remove the causes of the increased sweating; recommend the general a gigabyte. bathtubs, indifferent powders or the shaken-up suspensions.

Forecast favorable.

Prevention consists in careful care of skin, especially at hyperhidrosis (see), in the correct care of children of chest age excluding their overheating.

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