HAWKS Nikolay Vasilyevich

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HAWKS Nikolay Vasilyevich (1855 — 1916) is a domestic obstetrician-gynecologist.

In 1878 graduated from the St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy, worked as the intern of propaedeutic obstetric and gynecologic clinic under the leadership of K. F. Slavyansky. In 1881 protected dokt. the thesis on a subject about normal and pathological anatomy of neuroplex of a neck of uterus. From 1885 to 1911 headed department of obstetrics, female and children's diseases Warsaw un-that, and later (till 1916) managed a maternity home in Tsarskoye Selo.

N. V. Yastrebov is the author of the guide to obstetrics, and also apprx. 30 articles on various questions of obstetrics and operational gynecology. One of the first he began to study an innervation of female generative organs, conducted a number of pilot studies and clinical comparisons of a role of the central nervous system in physiology and pathology of female generative organs.

N. V. Yastrebov put forward the theory of the reflex mechanism of approach of childbirth, noted value of the environment in functional activity of a female body. Such orientation of its work was promoted by direct communication with S. P. Botkin and I. P. Pavlov. N. V. Yastrebov developed and Ob-va Rossiyskikh offered at the I congress obstetricians and gynecologists (1904) classification of forms of a narrow basin. He was a supporter of conservative conducting childbirth at nek-ry forms of a narrow basin; in necessary cases recommended to resort to Cesarean section not only for the benefit of mother, but also a fruit that was obviously progressive those years. At the III Pirogovsky congress (1889) N. V. Yastrebov proposed need of reorganization of obstetric aid in Russia and providing to poor women in labor the free help in maternity homes.

Works: To normal and pathological anatomy of ganglion cervicale uteri, a yew., SPb., 1881; Obstetric care in the big and small cities of Russia, its modern situation and desirable organization in the future, Warsaw, 1889; Conditions for imposing of obstetric nippers, SPb., 1894; The Course of obstetrics, the Management for students and doctors, century 1, Warsaw, 1896; The Organization of obstetric institutions for protection of motherhood and babies, Zhurn. akush. and wives. Bol., t. 27, No. 7-8, page 831, 1912.

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