HARMANDARYAN Gurgen Ivanovich

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HARMANDARYAN Gurgen Ivanovich (1893 — 1938) is the Soviet radiologist, the organizer of health care, professor (1928).

In 1910 came to VMA, but in 1913 it was excluded for revolutionary activity and it is sent from St. Petersburg. In 1913 — 1914 continued study for medical f-those of Yuryevsky (nowadays Tartu) un-that, then it was mobilized and served as the zauryad-doctor in field army. In 1917 ended medical f-t Kharkiv un-that, and in 1932 — Kharkiv electrotechnical in-t. After the termination un-that worked and specialized on a radiology under the leadership of S. P. Grigoriev. In 1923 headed Kharkiv X-ray radiological in-t (nowadays scientific research institute of medical radiology M3 of USSR), and in 1928 — department of a radiology Kharkiv medical in-that. At the same time USSR the manager worked in Narkomzdrava. department of transport medicine, main thing dignity. inspector and deputy people's commissar. In 1937 the dignity was appointed to a position of the main thing. inspectors Narkomzdrava of the USSR.

G. I. Harmandaryan is the author of 46 scientific works, including 6 monographs on a radiology and the organization of X-ray radiological service. Its scientific and practical developments devoted to clarification of opportunities rentgenol are known. it is normal of a research as a method of studying of a bone skeleton also at pathology. He offered a method of studying motor evakuatornoy to function of a stomach of the person in the conditions of a hypnotic state. These works for the first time objectively showed influence of emotions on function of a stomach.

G. I. Harmandaryan — one of initiators of the organization rentgenol. services, including in medical and sanitary parts of mines of Donbass, and also network onkol. clinics in Ukraine. He took part in creation of the Questions of Oncology magazine, was a delegate of the first All-Union congress of oncologists (Kharkiv, 1931), the member of a row medical scientific

about - century

of Works: Experimental and clinical radiology, Kharkiv, 1926 (edition);

To a question of radiological diagnosis of chronic colitis, Kharkiv, 1927; To a question of the organization of the radiological help to the population and training of specialists radiologists, Kharkiv, 1927; Mysterious beams, Beams of X-ray, Kharkiv, 1929; To a question of reform of medical education, Kharkiv, 1930; R-diagnosis of a cystous degeneration of kidneys, Kharkiv, 1930; Radiodiagnosis and roentgenotherapy, Kiev, 1937 (edition).

Bibliography: B r at with to and N Ya. M. Doktor of medical sciences professor Harman-tsaryan Gurgen Ivanovich (To the 70 anniversary since birth), Vopr. onkol., t. 9, No. I, page 115, 1963. I. L. Tager.