HARES Ivan Vasilyevich

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HARES Ivan Vasilyevich (1877 — 1921) — the doctor Bolshevik, one of organizers of the Soviet health care, the pediatrician. Since 1899 took part in revolutionary movement. The member of the CPSU since 1905.

HARES Ivan Vasilyevich

Ended medical f-t Moscow un-that in 1900, worked in Moscow in children's clinic for N. F. Filatov, then in Olginsky children's hospital under the direction of A. A. Kissel (1901 — 1903) and in the Rostokino territorial hospital (1904 — 1905). Participated in the December armed revolt of 1905 in Moscow; it was arrested and in February, 1906 it is banished to Yalutorovsk the Tobolsk province. In exile I. V. Rusakov continued revolutionary and profession of a physician. Vozrativshis to Moscow in 1909, conducted illegal party work. At the same time was a doctor of city children's out-patient clinic, was engaged wide medical about - shchestvennoy in activity. Together with other doctors-bolypevikamn entered «the left wing» of Society of the Russian doctors in N. I. Pirogov's memory, was the participant of congresses about-va managing affairs of the general edition and the editor of one of departments of publication about-va — the Public Doctor magazine. After the February revolution of 1917 — the member of bureau of Sokolnichesky regional committee of RSDRP (b) in Moscow, Executive committee of Sokolnichesky Council of working and soldier's deputies, the chairman of a justice of a regional Sokolnichesky thought.

And. V. Rusakov is the participant of Great October socialist revolution, the member of Sokolnichesky revolutionary-military committee. After the revolution conducted active fight against sabotage in nek-ry medical institutions of Moscow, was one of organizers of labor union of medical workers — Vsemedikosantrud, the member of medical board of the People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs, Council of medical boards (see) and editorial board of its publication — News of the Soviet Medicine magazine, took part in work of the 1st All-Russian congress of medical and sanitary departments of Councils, was the chairman of Executive committee of Sokolnichesky Council. In 1919 — 1920. I. V. Rusakov is the chief of sanitary inspection of the Southern front, the employee Glavnogo of Voyenno-sa-nitarnogo of management. In 1920 — the delegate of the IX congress of RCP(b), the member of the Moscow committee of RCP(b) and Executive committee of the Moscow council, the manager of city Department of national education.

In March, 1921 together with delegates of the X congress of RCP(b) the volunteer participated in suppression of a counter-revolutionary Kronstadt rebellion where died. It is buried in Moscow at Red Square in a mass grave at the Kremlin wall. It is awarded posthumously the order the Red Banner.

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