HARES Arseny Vasilyevich

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HARES Arseny Vasilyevich (1885 — 1953) — the Soviet pathologist and the judicial physician, the doctor of medical sciences (1939), the winner of the State award USSR (1967).

HARES Arseny Vasilyevich

In 1903 arrived on medical f-t Moscow un-that, but in 1906 for participation in student's disorders it was excluded. In 1909 ended medical f-t un-that in Munich.

Upon return to Russia A. V. Rusakov worked as the doctor-clinical physician and the epidemiologist, took part in activity of the State antiplague commission in Transbaikalia. Since 1913 would work as the pathologist in the Moscow Sokolnicheskaya. From 1920 to 1953 headed pathoanatomical department Ying-that ambulance of N. V. Sklifosovsky in Moscow. At the same time, in 1919 — 1924 there was the assistant to department of pathological anatomy of the Higher medical school, and from 1940 to 1951 a department chair of forensic medicine Medical in-that M3 of RSFSR, and then the 1st MMI.

A. V. Rusakov possesses more than 60 scientific works, including 2 monographs. It created the original doctrine about physiology and pathology of bone system, a cut contrary to mechanistic concepts and lokalistichesky representations of W. Roux, J. Wolff, etc. is considered patol. processes in a bone tissue in close connection with features of functioning of all organism. A. V. Rusakov possesses a priority in an explanation of essence of a parathyroid osteodystrophy; it for the first time was the acellular rassasyvaniye of a bone is studied and described, the problem fiziol is developed. interrelations of kidneys, bone system and parathyroid: glands. A. V. Rusakov allocated as independent nosological forms and studied osteomiye-l about a dysplasia, imperfect desmogenez, an imperfect chondrogenesis in detail.

A. V. Rusakov's works about cadaveric blood which served as theoretical justification for its transfusion have great practical value. It executed also a number of the researches concerning traumatic shock, wound exhaustion, a nutritional dystrophy, biology of healing of fractures of bones. In the field of forensic medicine by A. V. Rusakov it is studied patol. anatomy at poisonings acetic to - that. salts of copper, and also substances, the operating hl. obr. on c. N of page (methyl alcohol, antifreeze, dichloroethane).

Researches in the field of physiology and pathology of bone system are generalized by A. V. Rusakov in posthumously appeared monograph «Pathological Anatomy of Diseases of Bone System» conferred an award of A. I. Abrikosov.

It is awarded by the Order of Lenin and medals.

Works: Sketch of a pathoanatomical research of 3 cases of a fibrous osteodystrophy, Russian wedge., t. 7, No. 34, page 157, 1927; About coagulability of cadaveric blood, Arkh. stalemate. annate., t. 1, century 2, page 44, 1935 (sovm. from Skundina M. G.); About osteogene nefropatiya and nephrogenic osteopatiya, Klin, medical, t. 17, No. 1, page 46, No. 2-3, page 41, 1939; Sketches of pathological physiology of a bone tissue, yew., M., 1939; To physiology and pathology of some fabrics of internal environment, M., 1954; To a question of an etiology and a pathogeny of appendicitis, Works Ying-that of Sklifosovsky, t. 4, book 1, page 26, M., 1957; Pathological anatomy of diseases of bone system, Mno-gotomn. the management on a stalemate. annate., under the editorship of A. I. Strukov, t. 5, M., 1959.

Bibliography: To a story of the doctrine about a pathogeny of primary hyperparathyreosis (a parathyroid osteodystrophy), Arkh. patol., t. 41, century 6, page 58, 1979.

A. V. Smolyannikov.