HAMMERS Alexey Gavrilovich

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HAMMERS Alexey Gavrilovich (1874 — 1950) — the Soviet neurosurgeon, the doctor of medicine (1910), the prof. (1935), zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1947).

HAMMERS Alexey Gavrilovich

In 1901 ended medical f-t Tomsk un-that and it was appointed the intern of clinic of nervous and sincere diseases in the same un-those. In 1910 protected dokt, the thesis on a subject about education sochetatelno - motive, or conditional, reflexes on photoirritations at the person. Since 1910 consistently the assistant, the senior assistant, the privatdozent of departments of surgical neuropathology. Since 1926 the director Leningrad research in-that surgical neuropathology, since 1929 the deputy director by scientific medical part, and since 1937 the manager. department of surgery of peripheral nerves of the same institute.

A. G. Molotkov published 56 scientific works, including 3 monographs devoted to studying of a role of a nervous system in trophic processes, to a pathogeny of trophic frustration, clinic and operational treatment of injuries of nerves, spontaneous gangrene. He developed double-stage operation at abscess of a brain, an original technique of crossing of cutaneous nerves for treatment of various neurodystrophic frustration. Studied a role of cutaneous nerves in genesis of a kauzalgiya, stump and cicatricial neuralgias. A. G. Molotkov's works were a basis for further studying of diseases and injuries of nerves.

It is awarded by awards of the Labour Red Banner and Patriotic war of the I degree, medals.

Works: Education of combinative and motive reflexes on photoirritations at the person, a yew., SPb., 1910; Neurotomy and radicotomy as method of biological surgery, Doctor, gas., No. 3, page 84, 1925; New method of surgical treatment of pains, motive trophic and vasculomotor frustration, Works of the 20th congress Russian hir., page 134, M., 1929; Some data on painful conductors on top and bottom extremities, Arkh. biol, sciences, t. 35, it is gray. And, century 3, page 357, 1934; Painful complications at fire damages of peripheral nerves of extremities and their origin, the Neuropath, and psikhiat., t. 9, No. 7-8, page 77, 1940; Features and achievements in the field of surgery of gunshot wounds of a peripheral nervous system in the Great Patriotic War, Vopr, neyrokhir., t. 8, No. 2, page 55, 1944.

Bibliography: B abchin I. S. Professor A. G. Molotkov, Vopr, neyrokhir., t. 14, No. 5, page 56, 1950; Grigorovich K. A. Alexey Gavrilovich Molotkov is the organizer of Institute of surgical neuropathology (to the 100 anniversary since birth), in the same place, No. 3, page 60, 1975.'

V. M. Ugryumov.