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HALKOZ GLAZA (Greek chalkos

copper + - osis) — adjournment of compounds of copper in tissues of an eye as a result of hit in it the foreign bodys containing copper.

The copper (see) which is contained in the foreign bodys which got into an eye causes inflammatory aseptic process, to-ry in the subsequent usually gains purulent character. At long stay in an eye of a copper splinter and its partial encystment conditions for gradation of the ionized copper and its connections in surrounding fabrics with development a wedge, pictures actually a hal-goat are created. At the same time in deep layers of a cornea (see) there are pylevid-N y e about t of l about e N and I go l at about in and t about - z e l e N about - vaty color. Similar deposits can be found also on a back surface of a cornea, and in watery moisture of an anterior chamber of an eyeglobe, in a cut they are in suspension. If an iris (see) light, change of its color with the advent of a greenish shade (is possible at a dark iris it imperceptibly). Are especially characteristic of a halkoz of change of a crystalline lens (see): at a research with focused (so-called side) lighting the crystalline lens has the peculiar drawing reminding a flower of sunflower (in the center a disk, from to-rogo petals depart in the radial direction). It is caused by features of a structure of a crystalline lens and adjournment of copper between groups of its fibers. Deposits are located usually on a front surface of a crystalline lens, under the capsule. At an oftalmoskopiya (see) in a transmitted light the crystalline lens is transparent, i.e. the picture of a pseudo-cataract is observed. At biomicroscopy of an eye (see) a powdered bluish-greenish suspension it can be found also in a vitreous, usually along with its destruction. In a retina (see) deposits of copper are found seldom.

Treatment and prevention are directed to timely removal from an eye of the foreign body containing copper.

Copper and its connections are highly toxic for tissues of an eye therefore at the expressed halkoz the forecast for sight adverse.

See also Foreign tela1 foreign bodys of an eye; Metalloz of an eye. m of JI. Krasnov.