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HALDANE John (Haldane John Scott, 1860 — 1936) is the English physiologist, the member London royal about-va (1897).

Ended un-t in Edinburgh (1884). Since 1887 and until the end of life worked at department of physiology in Oxford as the demonstrator, the assistant, then professor, the head of physiological laboratory and at the same time the director of mining laboratory (1912 — 1936).

J. Haldane one of the first beginnings to conduct researches of breath of the person normal and at pathology, he is the author of the humoral theory of regulation of breath. It published works on regulation of lung respiration, influence of the oxygen content in blood on breath at rest and during the muscular work, a role of a vagus nerve in coordination of a respiratory rhythm, to influence of breath on acid-base equilibrium. He studied action of low atmospheric pressure on the person and processes of acclimatization in the conditions of highlands, a problem of deep-water swimming and a pathogeny of a caisson disease, developed a method of definition of stages of a decompression (see. Compressed-air disease) also applied the obtained data to studying of professional pathology of the workers working with compressed air. J. Haldane developed questions of use of oxygen devices at defeat of OV. For the exact and bystry analysis of air and mix of gases were created by it gemoglobinometr and the gas-analytical device — Haldane's device (see Gas analyzers). Conducting researches in coal mines, studied influence of high temperature and coal dust on the person, causes of death at explosions in mines, the effect of carbon monoxide gas and other questions connected with health of miners. In 1933 participated in creation and testing of a space suit for high-rise flights.

He was the president of physiological section of the British association of progress of sciences (since 1907) and the president Ob-va of mining engineers (since 1925), was honorary professor of a number of high fur boots and the member of many scientific about - century

of Works: Organism and environment as illustrated by the physiology of breathing, New-H a veil — L., 1917; Respiration, New-Ha-ven, 1935 (sovm. with Priestley J. G., the Russian lane, M. — L., 1937).

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