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Giuseppe's MORUZZ (Moruzzi Giuseppe, sort. in 1910) — the Italian physiologist, the member of National academy Tay of Linchei.

Giuseppe's MORUTsTsI

Ended in 1933. Parma un-t. Since 1942 the prof. of physiology in high fur boots in Siena, Parma, Ferrara. Since 1948 the director physiological in-that and the head research neyrofiziol. laboratories un-that in Pisa.

J. Moruzzi is the author of numerous works on neurophysiology. Together with X. Established by Megun (1949) that the reticular formation activates activity of a cerebral cortex; it is shown on EEG by generalized desynchronization.

J. Moruzzi offered the original theory of a dream, according to a cut the dream is caused by decrease in the tonic activating impacts exerted by the ascending reticular system on a cerebral cortex. A number of its works is devoted to studying of functional features of a cerebellum normal and pathologies and participations of a brain in motor reactions of an organism. In 1954 it opened the phenomenon of convergence of vozbuzhdeniye variously!! modalities on separate nervous cells; in particular J. Moruzz for the first time described multitouch convergence of vozbuzhdeniye on neurons of a reticular formation.

The member of a number of academies and scientific about-in various the countries.

Works: Brain stem reticular formation and activation of the EEG, Electroenceph. clin. Neurophysiol., v. 1, p. 455, 1949 (sovm, with Magon H. W.); The physiological properties of the brain stem reticular formation, in book: Brain mechanisms and consciousness, ed. by J. F. Delafresnaye, p. 21, Oxford, 1954; Electrophysiologic analysis of mesh formation of a brain trunk, Zhurn. vyssh. nervn. deyateln., t. 7, century 3, page 479, 1957; The physiology and pathology of the cerebellum, Minneapolis, 1958 (sovm, with Dow R. S.); The synchronizing influences of a brainstem and the brake mechanisms which are the cornerstone of emergence of a dream under the influence of touch irritants in book: Elektroentsefalograficheskiye issled. vyssh. nervn. deyateln., under the editorship of G. D. Smirnov, page 216, M., 1962; The sleep-waking cycle, Ergebn. Physiol., Bd 64, 5. 1, 1972; Fisiologia della vita vegetativa, 6. m, 1978.

Bibliography: The International who’s whop. 1190, L., 1978 — 1979.

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