Giovanni's MORGAN

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Giovanni's MORGAN (Morgagni Giovanni Battista, 1682 — 1771) — the Italian doctor and the anatomist, A. Valsalva's pupil, one of founders patol, anatomy.

Giovanni's MORGANI

In 1701 19-year-old J. Morganyi was entitled the doctor of medicine and philosophy. Occupied department of anatomy in Bologna (since 1706) and department of applied medicine in Paduan (from 1711 to 1771) high fur boots; was a teacher of a number of the largest anatomists, including And. Scarps. The author of a number of works on anatomy and history of medicine (work about A. Tsels, the two-volume biography of Valsalva, etc.), on archeology and philology. For the first time described pryamokishechny columns — folds of a mucous membrane of a rectum, guttural ventricles — deepenings on sidewalls of a throat, a suspension bracket of a seed plant and bubbly appendages of an ovary — non-constant rudimentary educations. The listed anatomic educations bear a name of J. Morganyi. The extensive museum of drugs of various uglinesses, anomalies, tumors etc. created by J. Morganyi was a basis of studying patholologically of the changed bodies.

A wreath of its scientific activity was the classical 6-volume research «De sedibus et causis morborum per anatomen indagatis» («About location and the reasons of the diseases opened by means of a section»). This extensive work based on results of numerous openings came out for the first time in Venice in 1761. Its main advantage — the principle of pathoanatomical localization of disease processes on systems and bodies. J. Morganyi pulled together anatomy about a wedge, medicine, laid the foundation for the progressive materialistic kliniko-anatomic principle of group of diseases and created the first evidence-based classification of diseases and causes of death. It also possesses the exact description a wedge, pictures of a number of diseases (see. Morganyi syndrome , Morganyi-Adams-Stokes syndrome ).

J. Morganyi gained honourable diplomas of academies of Sciences of Berlin, London, Paris, St. Petersburg.

Works: Adversaria anatomica omnia, Patavii, 1719;< De sedibus et causis morborum p r anatomen indagatis libri quinque, v. 1 — 2, Venetiis, 1761; Opera omnia, v. 1 — 5, Patavii, 1762 — 1765.

Bibliography: Zabludowsky of Item E. Two centuries of pathological anatomy (To the 200 anniversary of a publication of the book of Dzh. B. Blinking * «About location and the reasons of diseases established by the anatomist» 1761 — 1961), Klin, medical, t. 40, No. 4, page 152, 1962; Falk F. Die pathologische Anatomie und Physiologie des J. B. Morgagni, B., 1887.

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