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Giovanni's GRASS (Grassi Giovanni Battista, 1854 — 1925) — the Italian zoologist and the parasitologist; member of national academy di Lincei. Since 1883 the head of department of zoology and a comparative anatomy un-that in Catania; since 1895 professor of department of a comparative anatomy Roman un-that.

Scientific works of J. Grassi are devoted to studying of intestinal protozoa, an etiology of a craw and a malariology. Its researches of ways of spread of malaria, carriers, and also a development cycle of causative agents of malaria in an organism of mosquitoes are especially valuable. In 1898 he together with A. Bignami and G. Bastianelli established that several species of a mosquito of the sort Anopheles can be carriers of causative agents of malaria. The same year they for the first time experimentally carried out infection with malaria (Plasmodium falciparum) of the person through a sting of these mosquitoes. The generalized data on researches on malaria of J. Published Grass in the monograph «Die Malaria, Studien eines Zoologen», published in Germany in 1901. Studying of ecology and a systematics of mosquitoes, especially the sorts Anopheles, gave the chance to develop a number of practical actions for fight against malaria. He studied a number of intestinal protozoa — parasites of the person and animals (Entamoeba coli, E. muris, E. ranarum, Hexamita muris, Trichomonas muris, Lamblia muris, etc.), and also helminths and the diseases caused by them (ankilostomidoz, an ascaridosis, etc.). A series of its works is devoted medical and page - x. entomology: to studying of flies as carriers of causative agents of diseases of the person, flebotomus — carriers of the causative agent of fever of a pappatacha, a phylloxera as wrecker of a grapevine, and also biology of fishes, a comparative anatomy, etc.

Works: Die Malaria, Studien eines Zoologen, Jena, 1901 — 1903.

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