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GUANYLIC ACID — guanozinfosforny acid, the mononucleotide which is a part of nucleic acids; in bodies and tissues of animals and the person contains also in a free look. Free G. to. (guanine riboside-5-monophosphorus to - they are GMF) both her di - and trifosforny derivatives are eurysynusic in the nature and play an important role in a metabolism. To. represents connection of a nucleoside, guanine riboside and phosphoric to - you:

It is allocated in 1898 by Bang (N. to Bang) from a pancreas. Pier. the weight (weight) is equal to 362,4. At hydrolysis in the neutral environment breaks up on phosphoric to - that and guanine riboside, and at acid hydrolysis — to a guanine and ribozofosforny to - that. These data allowed to establish G.'s structure to. — it is constructed of guanine (see. Purine bases ), riboses (see) and phosphoric to - you. At hydrolysis nucleic acids (see) turn out guanylic to - you — guanine riboside-3-phosphorus and guanine riboside-2-phosphorus. Guanozintrifosforny (GTF) and guanozindifosforny (GDF) to - you belong to to vysokoergichesky connections (see). GDF along with ADF was primary acceptor of mineral phosphate at disintegration suktsinil-KOA. Only after formation of a nukleozidtrifosfat (GTF or ATP) carry out enzymatic transfer of final phosphatic group on diphosphoric to - that (ADF or GDF) with formation of ATP or according to GTF (see. Adenozinfosforny acids ).

In experiences from cleared oksaloatsetatdekarboksilazy (KF it was shown that the most active participant in a reversible test of formation of a fosfoyenolpiruvat is GTF and according to GDF: oxaloacetate + GTF ⇄ enolfosfopiruvat + CO 2 + GDF. GTF plays also important role in the course of biosynthesis of proteins, being the essential factor participating in formation of a polypeptide chain in ribosomes.

The great value in a metabolism in an organism of animals and the person has cyclic 3', 5 '-guanylic to - that, edges is formed of GTF under the influence of enzyme of the guanylate cyclase activated by ions of Mg 2+  :

Guanylate cyclase is eurysynusic in bodies of animals. Attribute to cyclic GMF the regulating influence on proliferation of cells, a metabolism in them and their functions; however this phenomenon is not identical to action cyclic 3', 5 '-AMF.

See also Nucleic acids .

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