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GRIGORYEVA-RAPOPORT REACTION ( Grigoriev P. S. , Soviet dermatovenerologist, 1879 — 1940; Rapoport M. M., the Soviet dermatovenerologist) — modification of reaction of binding complement at a serodiagnosis of syphilis. It is offered in 1933 by P. S. Grigoriev and M. M. Rapoport.

— R. the river is founded on use of a natural complement of active ispytuyemy serum. Apply hemolysin rabbit on the caption strengthened by 4 times; the suspension of mutton erythrocytes is prepared, adding to 23 ml fiziol, solution of 1 ml of a defibrinated blood and 1 ml of the fixer (0,5 g of zinc sulfate + 1 ml of formalin of +3,6 g of sodium chloride + 400 ml a dist, waters) for oppression of complementary activity of mutton blood. Reaction is carried out at t ° 22 °. In combination with two sedimentary reactions of G. — R. the river is included into the simplified complex of reactions recommended by the instruction for serodiagnosis of syphilis.

See also Wasserman reaction .

Bibliography: Grigoriev P. S. and Rapoport M. M. A method of seroreaction on the syphilis suitable for work on the site, Owls. vestn. veins. and dermas., JVe 6, page 413, 1933.

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