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GREEN SOAP (synonym: green soap, Sapo viridis, Sapo kalinus viridis) — antiseptic agent. Treats anionic soaps (anionic detergents). Receive by saponification of fatty vegetable oils solution caustic heat.

3. m — dark-brown or greenish weight with a slight soap smell. It is dissolved in four parts of a cold water or alcohol; in two parts of hot water. At the same time almost transparent solutions which are strongly foaming at agitation with alkali reaction are formed.

Drug has local irritative effect, softens epidermis. Apply 3. m for clarification of skin and preparation of soap alcohol (23 h fused edkoko heat, 75 h water, 100 h sunflower-seed or cotton refined oil, 300 h 90% of alcohol) and soap and carbolic solution (2 h green soap, 3 h phenol, 95 h water), used as desinfectants and for treatment of skin diseases. 3. the m is a part of ointment of Vilkinson (see. Vilkinsona ointment ).

Store 3. m in well corked banks, cans or kegs in the cool place. Period of validity of 10 years; after recontrol the period of validity is prolonged for 5 years.

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T. N. Zykova.